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the koala express

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let’s put a grow-in-water monster in the microwave.

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allison just came home.

i went out to the living room to find a stranger sleeping on my couch.

within the 0.5 seconds of finding him these thoughts ran through my head:

thought 1 - i thought i heard allison go into her room

thought 2 - why does allison seem tall and have a mousta—

thought 3 - what is close enough to me i can use to hit with

then he thankfully identified himself as allison’s friend.

relieved, i went back to the safety of my room

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"I’m going to clean my valves and go to sleep"
Allison McSwain
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allison is excited about kesha. chris is not.

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late night ninja

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allison’s “official” poster

allison’s “official” poster

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winter break art project.

the story begins when alex and allison bought megumi a watercolor set for her birthday. megumi asked everyone to paint her something in her new sketchbook. alex first painted some lame trees. unsatisfied, he took a sheet of paper and began painting arianna, one of allison’s naked lady cards they pass out on the strip. it came out surprisingly well for his first try (alex1)

alex and allison went out to michael’s the next day to purchase watercolor. using a wider variety of colors they went on a painting spree, making these ladies of the night somewhat slightly classier than the actual photos.

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